public interface Parser
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This interface was deprecated.
This interface has been replaced by the SAX2 XMLReader interface, which includes Namespace support.

Basic interface for SAX (Simple API for XML) parsers.

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This was the main event supplier interface for SAX1; it has been replaced in SAX2 by XMLReader, which includes Namespace support and sophisticated configurability and extensibility.

All SAX1 parsers must implement this basic interface: it allows applications to register handlers for different types of events and to initiate a parse from a URI, or a character stream.

All SAX1 parsers must also implement a zero-argument constructor (though other constructors are also allowed).

SAX1 parsers are reusable but not re-entrant: the application may reuse a parser object (possibly with a different input source) once the first parse has completed successfully, but it may not invoke the parse() methods recursively within a parse.

Public Method Summary

abstract void
parse(InputSource source)
Parse an XML document.
abstract void
parse(String systemId)
Parse an XML document from a system identifier (URI).
abstract void
setDTDHandler(DTDHandler handler)
Allow an application to register a DTD event handler.
abstract void
setDocumentHandler(DocumentHandler handler)
Allow an application to register a document event handler.
abstract void
setEntityResolver(EntityResolver resolver)
Allow an application to register a custom entity resolver.
abstract void