public abstract class TypeInfoProvider extends Object

This class provides access to the type information determined by ValidatorHandler.

Some schema languages, such as W3C XML Schema, encourages a validator to report the "type" it assigns to each attribute/element. Those applications who wish to access this type information can invoke methods defined on this "interface" to access such type information.

Implementation of this "interface" can be obtained through the getTypeInfoProvider() method.

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Protected Constructor Summary

Constructor for the derived class.

Public Method Summary

abstract TypeInfo
getAttributeTypeInfo(int index)
Returns the immutable TypeInfo object for the specified attribute of the current element.
abstract TypeInfo

Returns the immutable TypeInfo object for the current element.

abstract boolean
isIdAttribute(int index)
Returns true if the specified attribute is determined to be ID.
abstract boolean
isSpecified(int index)
Returns false if the attribute was added by the validator.

Inherited Method Summary