public static class Provider.Service extends Object

The description of a security service. It encapsulates the properties of a service and contains a factory method to obtain new implementation instances of this service.

Each service has a provider that offers the service, a type, an algorithm name, and the name of the class that implements the service. Optionally, it also includes a list of alternate algorithm names for this service (aliases) and attributes, which are a map of (name, value) String pairs.

This class defines the methods supportsParameter() and newInstance() which are used by the Java security framework when it searches for suitable services and instantes them. The valid arguments to those methods depend on the type of service. For the service types defined within Java SE, see the Java Cryptography Architecture API Specification & Reference for the valid values. Note that components outside of Java SE can define additional types of services and their behavior.

Instances of this class are immutable.

Public Constructor Summary

Provider.Service(Provider provider, String type, String algorithm, String className, List<String> aliases, Map<StringString> attributes)
Construct a new service.

Public Method Summary

final String
Return the name of the algorithm of this service.
final String
getAttribute(String name)
Return the value of the specified attribute or null if this attribute is not set for this Service.
final String
Return the name of the class implementing this service.
final Provider
Return the Provider of this service.
final String
Get the type of this service.