Google VR for Unity SDK Script Reference


GvrArmModel The GvrArmModel is a standard interface to interact with a scene with the controller.
GvrArmModelOffsets This script positions and rotates the transform that it is attached to according to a joint in the arm model.
GvrAudio This is the main GVR audio class that communicates with the native code implementation of the audio system.
GvrAudioListener GVR audio listener component that enhances AudioListener to provide advanced spatial audio features.
GvrAudioRoom GVR audio room component that simulates environmental effects of a room with respect to the properties of the attached game object.
GvrAudioSource GVR audio source component that enhances AudioSource to provide advanced spatial audio features.
GvrBaseControllerVisual Adjusts the material's alpha value according to the value suggested by the arm model.
GvrBasePointer This abstract class should be implemented for pointer based input, and used with the GvrPointerInputModule script.
GvrBasePointerRaycaster This script provides shared functionality used by all Gvr raycasters.
GvrBatteryIndicator Manages the battery indicator visual on the controller.
GvrController Main entry point for the Daydream controller API.
GvrControllerVisual Provides visual feedback for the daydream controller.
GvrControllerVisualManager Manages when the visual elements of GvrControllerPointer should be active.
GvrDropdown Dropdown UI component that works with the GvrRaycasters.
GvrExecuteEventsExtension This script extends the standard Unity EventSystem events with Gvr specific events.
GvrIntent Provides information about the Android Intent that started the current Activity.
GvrLaserPointer This laser pointer visual should be attached to the controller object.
GvrLaserPointerImpl Implementation of GvrBasePointer for a laser pointer visual.
GvrPointerGraphicRaycaster This script provides a raycaster for use with the GvrPointerInputModule.
GvrPointerInputModule This script provides an implemention of Unity's BaseInputModule class, so that Canvas-based (uGUI) UI elements and 3D scene objects can be interacted with in a Gvr Application.
GvrPointerManager GvrPointerManager is a standard interface for controlling which GvrBasePointer is being used for user input affordance.
GvrPointerPhysicsRaycaster This script provides a raycaster for use with the GvrPointerInputModule.
GvrPointerScrollInput This class is used by GvrPointerInputModule to route scroll events through Unity's Event System.
GvrReticlePointer Draws a circular reticle in front of any object that the user points at.
GvrReticlePointerImpl Draws a circular reticle in front of any object that the user points at.
GvrTooltip A tooltip for displaying control schemes overlaying the controller visual using a Unity Canvas.
GvrTouchPoint This script visualizes the location of the thumb on the touchpad and controls the animation of the point as it moves.
GvrUnitySdkVersion Provides and logs versioning information for the GVR Unity SDK.
GvrVideoPlayerTexture Plays video using Exoplayer rendering it on the main texture.
GvrViewer The GvrViewer object communicates with the head-mounted display.


IGvrPointerHoverHandler Interface to implement if you wish to receive OnGvrPointerHover callbacks.