Deprecated List


  • Member gvr::GvrApi::GetContext ()
  • Use cobj() instead.
  • Member gvr::GvrApi::GetContext () const
  • Use cobj() instead.
  • Member gvr_controller_state_get_recentering (const gvr_controller_state *state)
  • Use gvr_controller_state_get_recentered instead.
  • Member gvr_distort_to_screen (gvr_context *gvr, int32_t texture_id, const gvr_buffer_viewport_list *viewport_list, gvr_mat4f head_space_from_start_space, gvr_clock_time_point target_presentation_time)
  • Use the Swap Chain API instead. This function exists only to support legacy rendering pathways for Cardboard devices. It is incompatible with the low-latency experiences supported by async reprojection.
  • Member gvr_get_head_space_from_start_space_rotation (const gvr_context *gvr, const gvr_clock_time_point time)
  • Calls to this method can be safely replaced by calls to gvr_get_head_space_from_start_space_transform. The new API reflects that the call can return a full 6DoF transform when supported by both the host platform and the client application.
  • Member gvr_reset_tracking (gvr_context *gvr)
  • Calls to this method can be safely replaced by calls to gvr_recenter_tracking. This accomplishes the same effects but avoids the undesirable side-effects of a full reset (temporary loss of tracking quality).