Class List

Class List
The classes and protocols in Google VR iOS API Reference:
 CGVRAudioEngineHigh-level Google VR Audio Engine
 CGVRCardboardViewDefines a view responsible for rendering graphics in VR mode
 C<GVRCardboardViewDelegate>Defines a delegate protocol for GVRCardboardView
 CGVRFieldOfViewDefines a struct to hold half field of view angles, in degrees, for an GVREye eye
 CGVRHeadRotationContains yaw and pitch angles corresponding to where the user is looking
 CGVRHeadTransformDefines a class to represent the head transformation for a render frame
 CGVRPanoramaViewDefines a view that can load and display 360-degree panoramic photos
 CGVRVideoViewDefines a player view that renders a 360 video using OpenGL
 C<GVRVideoViewDelegate>Defines a protocol to notify delegates of change in video playback
 CGVRWidgetViewDefines a base class for all widget views, that encapsulates common functionality
 C<GVRWidgetViewDelegate>Defines a delegate for GVRWidgetView and its subclasses