The AdWords API will sunset on April 27, 2022. Migrate to the Google Ads API to take advantage of the latest Google Ads features.

enum OfflineCallConversionError.Reason (v201809)

The reasons for an OfflineCallConversionError.

Enumeration Description
CONVERSION_PRECEDES_CALL The conversion time cannot precede the call time.
FUTURE_CALL_START_TIME You cannot set a future call start time.
FUTURE_CONVERSION_TIME You cannot set a future conversion time.
EXPIRED_CALL The click that initiated the call is too old for this conversion to be imported.
TOO_RECENT_CALL We are still processing this call's information, please re-upload this conversion in 4-6 hours.
UNPARSEABLE_CALLERS_PHONE_NUMBER The caller’s phone number cannot be parsed. Please re-upload in one of the supported formats. It should be formatted either as E.164 "+16502531234", International "+64 3-331 6005" or as a US national number “6502531234”.
INVALID_CALL We are unable to import a conversion for this call, since either this call or the click leading to the call was not found in our system.
UNAUTHORIZED_USER This call belongs to an account that you are not authorized to access.
INVALID_CONVERSION_TYPE We cannot find an import conversion type with this name in the target account.
TOO_RECENT_CONVERSION_TYPE This conversion action was created too recently. Please wait for 4 hours and try uploading again.
CONVERSION_TRACKING_NOT_ENABLED_AT_CALL_TIME Unable to upload. No AdWords call import conversion types were defined when this call occurred. Please make sure you create at least one such conversion type before uploading.
DESKTOP_CALL_NOT_SUPPORTED We can't count calls from ads made by computer or tablet users as conversions.
INTERNAL_ERROR An internal server error occurred, please try again.