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enum ManagedCustomerServiceError.Reason (v201809)

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Enumeration Description
UNKNOWN Unknown.
NOT_AUTHORIZED The user is not authorized to perform the action.
INVALID_SELECTOR Invalid selector
INVALID_TIMEZONE Can't process the passed in timezone.
INVALID_CURRENCY Can't process the passed in currency code.
INVALID_DESCRIPTIVE_NAME Can't process the passed in descriptive name.
ADD_CUSTOMER_FAILURE Generic error during add customer process.
SAVE_CUSTOMERS_FAILURE There was a problem saving the modified customers, and some of the customers may not have been saved successfully.
ALREADY_MANAGED_BY_THIS_MANAGER Attempt to establish a link with a client that is already managed by the manager.
ALREADY_INVITED_BY_THIS_MANAGER Attempt to invite a client that has already been invited by the manager.
ALREADY_MANAGED_IN_HIERARCHY Already managed by some other manager in the hierarchy.
ALREADY_MANAGED_FOR_UI_ACCESS Client is managed by another manager for UI access already.
NO_PENDING_INVITATION Attempt to accept an invitation that doesn't exist.
TOO_MANY_ACCOUNTS Manager account has the maximum number of linked accounts.
TOO_MANY_ACCOUNTS_AT_MANAGER Your manager's account has the maximum number of linked accounts.
TOO_MANY_UI_API_MANAGERS The invitee has already linked with max allowed number of UI and API managers.
INVALID_LABEL_ID Label id was not found, or is not owned by the requesting customer.
CANNOT_APPLY_INACTIVE_LABEL Deleted labels cannot be applied to customers.
APPLIED_LABEL_TO_TOO_MANY_ACCOUNTS A label cannot be applied to more than 1000 customers.