Reach Forecasting

ReachPlanService enables media agencies and third-party media planning software companies to accurately forecast the commercial reach of video campaigns on YouTube and Google Video Partners. Media planners can use the service to answer questions such as:

  • How much investment on YouTube would it take to meet a campaign's reach goals?
  • How much of a target audience could a campaign reach for a given budget?
  • What is the optimal budget allocation between YouTube and other media channels if I have a campaign optimizing for reach?

Reach Planner within the Google Ads web interface contains many of the same features.

If you haven't already, complete Get started to ensure that you're able to connect to the Google Ads API prior to trying to connect to ReachPlanService.

Eligibility requirements

ReachPlanService is a private component of the Google Ads API offered with a non-exclusive, royalty-free data license. Signed partners can use the standard Google Ads client libraries to generate media plans. To be eligible, partners must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Have a planning tool or user interface that will integrate the API.
  • Use the API to produce media plans and estimate campaign reach and cost.
  • Complete a pre-screen assessment as outlined below.
  • Follow data usage requirements and be willing to undergo periodic data audits.
  • Sign a data-licensing agreement that legally enforces data usage requirements.
  • Accept the Google Ads API terms of service.

Contact your Google representative for more information.

Pre-screen assessment

Partners must complete a pre-screen assessment for each planning tool that would use the API. Google then assesses the data security, methodologies, and outputs of planning tools with questions such as:

  • How are users authenticated?
  • How is the usage of your tool tracked?
  • When building plans, which metrics can users optimize? For example: reach, impact, impressions, frequency.
  • How does your tool deduplicate channels?
  • Does your tool apply a default weight or effectiveness score to each channel in a plan?