Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic Remarketing ads are display ads customized for each impression, showing content related to a user's previous visits to a website.

Dynamic remarketing has many benefits, including:

  • Scalability: You can create ads that scale with your products or services, when paired with your feeds.
  • Simple yet powerful assets: Once you create the feeds, the Google Ads product recommendation engine will pull products and services, determining the best mix of products for each ad based on popularity and what the visitor viewed on your site.
  • High-performance layouts: Google Ads predicts which dynamic ad layout is likely to perform best for the person, placement and platform where the ads will show.
  • Real-time bid optimization: With enhanced CPC and conversion optimizer, Google Ads calculates the optimal bid for each impression.

There are two types of Dynamic Remarketing campaigns supported using the Google Ads API: retail and non-retail. Dynamic Remarketing for retail requires the feed provided by Merchant Center, whereas non-retail can be maintained using Assets.

Business Type Technologies required Feed configuration
Retail Merchant Center, Google Ads ShoppingSetting
Non-retail Google Ads AssetSet, Asset

The rest of the pages go through some examples of updating Dynamic Remarketing ads for each business type.