Asynchronous errors

Since theExperimentService contains a few asynchronous operations, the mechanism for fetching errors related to these operations is different than for other synchronous operations.

The asynchronous operations that use this error reporting mechanism are:

For these methods, the API returns a longrunning operation which you can use to request details on the status of the asynchronous operation. Upon completion, the longrunning operation will populate the error and response fields. In the Google Ads API, the operation will always populate the response with an Empty value, and the presence of error will indicate that a full list of errors can be retrieved from another API call.

If the full list of errors were returned as part of the longrunning operation, then there's a chance the errors might be lost if you don't follow up on the asynchronous progress, and the response may be larger than you might expect from a simple polling request. Therefore, the longrunning operation will only indicate that there are errors, and to fetch the specific errors you must use an API endpoint.

For errors relating to any of these experiment-based long running operations, use ExperimentService.ListExperimentAsyncErrors.

Pass in the resource name of the experiment, and a page size, then page through the results as you would for any other Google Ads API query.