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Remove a Campaign Budget

Like campaigns, a budget cannot be completely deleted—you can only set its status field to REMOVED.

Before removing a budget, ensure that no ENABLED or PAUSED campaigns are using it by checking its reference_count. If this field is greater than 0, there are ENABLED or PAUSED campaigns still using the budget. You can retrieve this information by searching for metrics with campaign_budget as the main resource. Here is the GAQL query for the reference count of a budget, filtering on its ID:

SELECT campaign_budget.reference_count
FROM campaign_budget
WHERE = campaign_budget_id

Once you determine that a CampaignBudget is no longer used, in a CampaignBudgetOperation.update set the CampaignBudget object with:

  • resource_name field set to the resource name of the campaign budget
  • status field set to REMOVED

Additionally, you can remove a non-shared budget being used by a single campaign by removing that campaign.