Google Ads API is returning to beta status. Please read our blog post for more details.


A Google Ads Ad is the resource that represents an actual ad being served on one of the Google networks.

This guide provides an overview of the various ad types and features available in the API.

Supported ad types

From the list below, select the ad type that best meets your needs.

Type Search Display Description
AppAdInfo No Yes An app ad.
AppEngagementAdInfo No Yes An app engagement ad allows you to write text encouraging a specific action in the app, like checking in, making a purchase, or booking a flight.
CallOnlyAdInfo Yes No An ad for a call-only campaign.
DisplayAdInfo No Yes A generic type of display ad. The type of display ad is configured with the display_upload_product_type field.
DynamicSearchAdInfo Yes No Dynamically generated search ads based on the content of a website. Ready only. Use ExpandedDynamicSearchAdInfo to create new ads.
ExpandedDynamicSearchAdInfo Yes No Dynamically generated search ads based on the content of a website.
ExpandedTextAdInfo Yes Yes New standard for Google text ads. Includes three headlines, a description of your product or service, navigational breadcrumbs, and a generated visible URL.
GmailAdInfo No Yes An ad for a Gmail campaign.
HotelAdInfo Yes Yes An ad for a Hotel campaign.
ImageAdInfo Yes1 Yes An ad that includes a graphic to promote your business.
LegacyResponsiveSearchAdInfo Yes Yes A legacy responsive display ad. Ads of this type are labeled 'Responsive ads' in the Google Ads UI. Read-only.
ProductAdInfo Yes No A product ad (called a shopping ad in the Google Ads UI) that is based on product data of a Shopping campaign's associated Merchant Center account.
ResponsiveDisplayAdInfo No Yes Contains a marketing image, a short and long headline, a description, and an optional advertiser name and logo.
ResponsiveSearchAdInfo Yes Yes An ad format that supports multiple assets for text fields. Google Ads uses serving-time optimization to select the best asset and rendering combinations for each request.
ShoppingComparionsListingAdInfo Yes No A Shopping Comparison Listing ad.
ShoppingProductAdInfo Yes No A standard Shopping ad.
ShoppingSmartAdInfo Yes No A Smart Shopping ad.
VideoBumperInStreamAdInfo No Yes Very short in-stream non-skippable video ad. Read-only.
VideoNonSkippableInStreamAdInfo No Yes 15 second in-stream non-skippable video ad. Read-only.
VideoOutstreamAdInfo No Yes Ad shown alongside a feed with automatic playback, without sound. Read-only.
VideoTrueViewInStreamAdInfo No Yes Ad shown during video playback, often at beginning, which displays a skip button a few seconds into the video. Read-only.

1 An ImageAd on the Search Network will appear only on websites of Google search partners, not on Google Search.