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enum DraftError.Reason (v201809)

Enumeration Description
CANNOT_CHANGE_ARCHIVED_DRAFT The draft is archived and cannot be modified further.
CANNOT_CHANGE_PROMOTED_DRAFT The draft has been promoted and cannot be modified further.
CANNOT_CHANGE_PROMOTE_FAILED_DRAFT The draft has failed to be promoted and cannot be modified further.
CUSTOMER_CANNOT_CREATE_DRAFT This customer is not allowed to create drafts.
CAMPAIGN_CANNOT_CREATE_DRAFT This campaign is not allowed to create drafts.
DUPLICATE_DRAFT_NAME A draft with this name already exists.
INVALID_DRAFT_CHANGE This modification cannot be made on a draft.
INVALID_STATUS_TRANSITION The draft cannot be transitioned to the specified status from the its current status.
MAX_NUMBER_OF_DRAFTS_PER_CAMPAIGN_REACHED The campaign has reached the maximum number of drafts that can be created for a campaign throughout its lifetime. No additional drafts can be created for this campaign. Archived drafts also count towards this limit.