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enum CustomerFeedError.Reason (v201809)

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Error reasons.

Enumeration Description
FEED_ALREADY_EXISTS_FOR_PLACEHOLDER_TYPE An active feed already exists for this customer and place holder type.
INVALID_ID The specified id does not exist.
CANNOT_ADD_FOR_DELETED_FEED The specified feed is deleted.
CANNOT_ADD_ALREADY_EXISTING_CUSTOMER_FEED The CustomerFeed already exists. SET should be used to modify the existing CustomerFeed.
CANNOT_MODIFY_REMOVED_CUSTOMER_FEED Cannot modify removed customer feed.
INVALID_PLACEHOLDER_TYPES Invalid placeholder types.
MISSING_FEEDMAPPING_FOR_PLACEHOLDER_TYPE Feed mapping for this placeholder type does not exist.
PLACEHOLDER_TYPE_NOT_ALLOWED_ON_CUSTOMER_FEED Placeholder not allowed at the account level.