The AdWords API is no longer available. Use the Google Ads API instead.

enum AdvertisingChannelSubType (v201809)

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A non-mutable specialization of an Advertising Channel.

Enumeration Description
SEARCH_MOBILE_APP Mobile App Campaigns for Search
DISPLAY_MOBILE_APP Mobile App Campaigns for Display
SEARCH_EXPRESS AdWords Express campaigns for search.
DISPLAY_EXPRESS AdWords Express campaigns for display.
UNIVERSAL_APP_CAMPAIGN Campaigns specialized for advertising mobile app installations, that targets multiple advertising channels across search, display and youtube. Google manages the keywords and ads for these campaigns.
DISPLAY_SMART_CAMPAIGN Smart display campaign
SHOPPING_GOAL_OPTIMIZED_ADS Campaigns specialized for retail advertising, that target multiple advertising channels across Search, Google Display Network, and YouTube. These campaigns optimize automatically towards the retailer's business objectives.
DISPLAY_GMAIL_AD Gmail Ad Campaigns