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enum FunctionParsingError.Reason (v201809)

Function parsing error reason.

Enumeration Description
NO_MORE_INPUT Unexpected end of function string.
EXPECTED_CHARACTER Could not find an expected character.
UNEXPECTED_SEPARATOR Unexpected separator character.
UNMATCHED_LEFT_BRACKET Unmatched left bracket or parenthesis.
UNMATCHED_RIGHT_BRACKET Unmatched right bracket or parenthesis.
TOO_MANY_NESTED_FUNCTIONS Functions are nested too deeply.
MISSING_RIGHT_HAND_OPERAND Missing right-hand-side operand.
INVALID_OPERATOR_NAME Invalid operator/function name.
FEED_ATTRIBUTE_OPERAND_ARGUMENT_NOT_INTEGER Feed attribute operand's argument is not an integer.
NO_OPERANDS Missing function operands.
TOO_MANY_OPERANDS Function had too many operands.