enum BiddingErrors.Reason (v201809)

Enumeration Description
BIDDING_STRATEGY_TRANSITION_NOT_ALLOWED Cannot transition to new bidding strategy.
BIDDING_STRATEGY_NOT_COMPATIBLE_WITH_ADGROUP_OVERRIDES Bidding strategy cannot be overridden by current ad group bidding strategy.
BIDDING_STRATEGY_NOT_COMPATIBLE_WITH_ADGROUP_CRITERIA_OVERRIDES Bidding strategy cannot be overridden by current criteria bidding strategy.
CAMPAIGN_BIDDING_STRATEGY_CANNOT_BE_OVERRIDDEN Cannot override campaign bidding strategy.
ADGROUP_BIDDING_STRATEGY_CANNOT_BE_OVERRIDDEN Cannot override ad group bidding strategy.
CANNOT_ATTACH_BIDDING_STRATEGY_TO_CAMPAIGN Cannot attach bidding strategy to campaign.
CANNOT_ATTACH_BIDDING_STRATEGY_TO_ADGROUP Cannot attach bidding strategy to ad group.
CANNOT_ATTACH_BIDDING_STRATEGY_TO_ADGROUP_CRITERIA Cannot attach bidding strategy to criteria.
INVALID_ANONYMOUS_BIDDING_STRATEGY_TYPE Bidding strategy is not supported or cannot be used as anonymous.
BIDS_NOT_ALLLOWED No bids may be set. The bid list must be null or empty.
DUPLICATE_BIDS The bid list contains two or more bids of the same type.
INVALID_BIDDING_SCHEME The bidding scheme does not match the bidding strategy type.
INVALID_BIDDING_STRATEGY_TYPE The type does not match the named strategy's type.
MISSING_BIDDING_STRATEGY_TYPE The bidding strategy type is missing.
NULL_BID The bid list contains a null entry.
INVALID_BID The bid is invalid.
BIDDING_STRATEGY_NOT_AVAILABLE_FOR_ACCOUNT_TYPE Bidding strategy is not available for the account type.
CONVERSION_TRACKING_NOT_ENABLED Conversion tracking is not enabled in the campaign that has value-based bidding transitions.
NOT_ENOUGH_CONVERSIONS Not enough conversions tracked for value-based bidding transitions.
CANNOT_CREATE_CAMPAIGN_WITH_BIDDING_STRATEGY Campaign can not be created with given bidding strategy. It can be transitioned to the strategy, once eligible.
CANNOT_TARGET_CONTENT_NETWORK_ONLY_WITH_AD_GROUP_LEVEL_POP_BIDDING_STRATEGY Cannot target content network only as ad group uses Page One Promoted bidding strategy.
CANNOT_TARGET_CONTENT_NETWORK_ONLY_WITH_CAMPAIGN_LEVEL_POP_BIDDING_STRATEGY Cannot target content network only as campaign uses Page One Promoted bidding strategy.
BIDDING_STRATEGY_NOT_SUPPORTED_WITH_AD_SCHEDULE Budget Optimizer and Target Spend bidding strategies are not supported for campaigns with AdSchedule targeting.
PAY_PER_CONVERSION_NOT_AVAILABLE_FOR_CUSTOMER Pay per conversion is not available to all the customer, only few whitelisted customers can use this.
PAY_PER_CONVERSION_NOT_ALLOWED_WITH_TARGET_CPA Pay per conversion is not allowed with Target CPA.
BIDDING_STRATEGY_NOT_ALLOWED_FOR_SEARCH_ONLY_CAMPAIGNS Cannot set bidding strategy to Manual CPM for search network only campaigns.
BIDDING_STRATEGY_NOT_SUPPORTED_IN_DRAFTS_OR_EXPERIMENTS The bidding strategy is not supported for use in drafts or experiments.
BIDDING_STRATEGY_TYPE_DOES_NOT_SUPPORT_PRODUCT_TYPE_ADGROUP_CRITERION Bidding strategy type does not support product type ad group criterion.
BID_TOO_SMALL Bid amount is too small.
BID_TOO_BIG Bid amount is too big.
BID_TOO_MANY_FRACTIONAL_DIGITS Bid has too many fractional digit precision.
ENHANCED_CPC_ENABLED_NOT_SUPPORTED_ON_PORTFOLIO_TARGET_SPEND_STRATEGY EnhancedCpcEnabled cannot be set on portfolio Target Spend strategies.
BIDDING_STRATEGY_TYPE_NOT_ALLOWED_FOR_UNIVERSAL_APP_BIDDING_STRATEGY_GOAL_TYPE The bidding strategy is not allowed for the universal app bidding strategy goal type.