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enum FeedItemQualityDisapprovalReasons (v201809)

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Feed item quality evaluation disapproval reasons.

Enumeration Description
TABLE_REPETITIVE_HEADERS Price contains repetitive headers
TABLE_REPETITIVE_DESCRIPTION Price contains repetitive description
TABLE_INCONSISTENT_ROWS Price contains inconsistent items
DESCRIPTION_HAS_PRICE_QUALIFIERS Price qualifiers in description
UNSUPPORTED_LANGUAGE Unsupported language
TABLE_ROW_HEADER_TABLE_TYPE_MISMATCH Price item header is not relevant to the price type
TABLE_ROW_HEADER_HAS_PROMOTIONAL_TEXT Price item header has promotional text
TABLE_ROW_DESCRIPTION_NOT_RELEVANT Price item description is not relevant to the item header
TABLE_ROW_DESCRIPTION_HAS_PROMOTIONAL_TEXT Price item description contains promotional text
TABLE_ROW_HEADER_DESCRIPTION_REPETITIVE Price item header and description are repetitive
TABLE_ROW_UNRATEABLE Price item is in a foreign language, nonsense, or can't be rated
TABLE_ROW_PRICE_INVALID Price item price is invalid or inaccurate
TABLE_ROW_URL_INVALID Price item url is invalid or irrelevant
HEADER_OR_DESCRIPTION_HAS_PRICE Header or description has price
STRUCTURED_SNIPPETS_HEADER_POLICY_VIOLATED Snippet values do not match the header
STRUCTURED_SNIPPETS_EDITORIAL_GUIDELINES Snippet values violate editorial guidelines like punctuation
STRUCTURED_SNIPPETS_HAS_PROMOTIONAL_TEXT Snippets contain promotional text