enum CriterionError.Reason (v201802)

Enumeration Description
CONCRETE_TYPE_REQUIRED Concrete type of criterion is required for ADD and SET operations.
INVALID_EXCLUDED_CATEGORY The category requested for exclusion is invalid.
INVALID_KEYWORD_TEXT Invalid keyword criteria text.
KEYWORD_TEXT_TOO_LONG Keyword text should be less than 80 chars.
KEYWORD_HAS_TOO_MANY_WORDS Keyword text has too many words.
KEYWORD_HAS_INVALID_CHARS Keyword text has invalid characters or symbols.
INVALID_USER_LIST Invalid user list criterion.
INVALID_USER_INTEREST Invalid user interest criterion.
INVALID_FORMAT_FOR_PLACEMENT_URL Placement URL has wrong format.
PLACEMENT_URL_IS_TOO_LONG Placement URL is too long.
PLACEMENT_URL_HAS_ILLEGAL_CHAR Indicates the URL contains an illegal character.
PLACEMENT_URL_HAS_MULTIPLE_SITES_IN_LINE Indicates the URL contains multiple comma separated URLs.
INVALID_VERTICAL_PATH Invalid vertical path.
YOUTUBE_VERTICAL_CHANNEL_DEPRECATED Indicates the placement is a YouTube vertical channel, which is no longer supported.
YOUTUBE_DEMOGRAPHIC_CHANNEL_DEPRECATED Indicates the placement is a YouTube demographic channel, which is no longer supported.
YOUTUBE_URL_UNSUPPORTED YouTube urls are not supported in Placement criterion. Use YouTubeChannel and YouTubeVideo criterion instead.
CANNOT_EXCLUDE_CRITERIA_TYPE Criteria type can not be excluded by the customer, like AOL account type cannot target site type criteria.
CANNOT_ADD_CRITERIA_TYPE Criteria type can not be targeted.
INVALID_PRODUCT_FILTER Product filter in the product criteria has invalid characters. Operand and the argument in the filter can not have "==" or "&+".
PRODUCT_FILTER_TOO_LONG Product filter in the product criteria is translated to a string as operand1==argument1&+operand2==argument2, maximum allowed length for the string is 255 chars.
CANNOT_EXCLUDE_SIMILAR_USER_LIST Not allowed to exclude similar user list.
CANNOT_ADD_CLOSED_USER_LIST Not allowed to target a closed user list.
CANNOT_ADD_DISPLAY_ONLY_LISTS_TO_SEARCH_ONLY_CAMPAIGNS Not allowed to add display only UserLists to search only campaigns.
CANNOT_ADD_DISPLAY_ONLY_LISTS_TO_SEARCH_CAMPAIGNS Not allowed to add display only UserLists to search plus campaigns.
CANNOT_ADD_DISPLAY_ONLY_LISTS_TO_SHOPPING_CAMPAIGNS Not allowed to add display only UserLists to shopping campaigns.
CANNOT_ADD_USER_INTERESTS_TO_SEARCH_CAMPAIGNS Not allowed to add User interests to search only campaigns.
CANNOT_SET_BIDS_ON_CRITERION_TYPE_IN_SEARCH_CAMPAIGNS Not allowed to set bids for this criterion type in search campaigns
CANNOT_ADD_URLS_TO_CRITERION_TYPE_FOR_CAMPAIGN_TYPE Final URLs, URL Templates and CustomParameters cannot be set for the criterion types of Gender, AgeRange, UserList, Placement, MobileApp, and MobileAppCategory in search campaigns and shopping campaigns.
INVALID_IP_ADDRESS IP address is not valid.
INVALID_IP_FORMAT IP format is not valid.
INVALID_MOBILE_APP Mobile application is not valid.
INVALID_MOBILE_APP_CATEGORY Mobile application category is not valid.
INVALID_CRITERION_ID The CriterionId does not exist or is of the incorrect type.
CANNOT_TARGET_CRITERION The Criterion is not allowed to be targeted.
CANNOT_TARGET_OBSOLETE_CRITERION The criterion is not allowed to be targeted as it is deprecated.
CRITERION_ID_AND_TYPE_MISMATCH The CriterionId is not valid for the type.
INVALID_PROXIMITY_RADIUS Distance for the radius for the proximity criterion is invalid.
INVALID_PROXIMITY_RADIUS_UNITS Units for the distance for the radius for the proximity criterion is invalid.
INVALID_STREETADDRESS_LENGTH Street address is too short.
INVALID_CITYNAME_LENGTH City name in the address is too short.
INVALID_REGIONCODE_LENGTH Region code in the address is too short.
INVALID_REGIONNAME_LENGTH Region name in the address is not valid.
INVALID_POSTALCODE_LENGTH Postal code in the address is not valid.
INVALID_COUNTRY_CODE Country code in the address is not valid.
INVALID_LATITUDE Latitude for the GeoPoint is not valid.
INVALID_LONGITUDE Longitude for the GeoPoint is not valid.
PROXIMITY_GEOPOINT_AND_ADDRESS_BOTH_CANNOT_BE_NULL The Proximity input is not valid. Both address and geoPoint cannot be null.
INVALID_PROXIMITY_ADDRESS The Proximity address cannot be geocoded to a valid lat/long.
INVALID_USER_DOMAIN_NAME User domain name is not valid.
CRITERION_PARAMETER_TOO_LONG Length of serialized criterion parameter exceeded size limit.
AD_SCHEDULE_TIME_INTERVALS_OVERLAP Time interval in the AdSchedule overlaps with another AdSchedule.
AD_SCHEDULE_INTERVAL_CANNOT_SPAN_MULTIPLE_DAYS AdSchedule time interval cannot span multiple days.
AD_SCHEDULE_INVALID_TIME_INTERVAL AdSchedule time interval specified is invalid, endTime cannot be earlier than startTime.
AD_SCHEDULE_EXCEEDED_INTERVALS_PER_DAY_LIMIT The number of AdSchedule entries in a day exceeds the limit.
AD_SCHEDULE_CRITERION_ID_MISMATCHING_FIELDS CriteriaId does not match the interval of the AdSchedule specified.
CANNOT_BID_MODIFY_CRITERION_TYPE Cannot set bid modifier for this criterion type.
CANNOT_BID_MODIFY_CRITERION_CAMPAIGN_OPTED_OUT Cannot bid modify criterion, since it is opted out of the campaign.
CANNOT_BID_MODIFY_NEGATIVE_CRITERION Cannot set bid modifier for a negative criterion.
BID_MODIFIER_ALREADY_EXISTS Bid Modifier already exists. Use SET operation to update.
FEED_ID_NOT_ALLOWED Feed Id is not allowed in these Location Groups.
ACCOUNT_INELIGIBLE_FOR_CRITERIA_TYPE The account may not use the requested criteria type. For example, some accounts are restricted to keywords only.
CRITERIA_TYPE_INVALID_FOR_BIDDING_STRATEGY The requested criteria type cannot be used with campaign or ad group bidding strategy.
CANNOT_EXCLUDE_CRITERION The Criterion is not allowed to be excluded.
CANNOT_REMOVE_CRITERION The criterion is not allowed to be removed. For example, we cannot remove any of the platform criterion.
PRODUCT_SCOPE_TOO_LONG The combined length of product dimension values of the product scope criterion is too long.
PRODUCT_SCOPE_TOO_MANY_DIMENSIONS Product scope contains too many dimensions.
PRODUCT_PARTITION_TOO_LONG The combined length of product dimension values of the product partition criterion is too long.
PRODUCT_PARTITION_TOO_MANY_DIMENSIONS Product partition contains too many dimensions.
INVALID_PRODUCT_DIMENSION The product dimension is invalid (e.g. dimension contains illegal value, dimension type is represented with wrong class, etc). Product dimension value can not contain "==" or "&+".
INVALID_PRODUCT_DIMENSION_TYPE Product dimension type is either invalid for campaigns of this type or cannot be used in the current context. BIDDING_CATEGORY_Lx and PRODUCT_TYPE_Lx product dimensions must be used in ascending order of their levels: L1, L2, L3, L4, L5... The levels must be specified sequentially and start from L1. Furthermore, an "others" product partition cannot be subdivided with a dimension of the same type but of a higher level ("others" BIDDING_CATEGORY_L3 can be subdivided with BRAND but not with BIDDING_CATEGORY_L4).
INVALID_PRODUCT_BIDDING_CATEGORY Bidding categories do not form a valid path in the Shopping bidding category taxonomy.
MISSING_SHOPPING_SETTING ShoppingSetting must be added to the campaign before ProductScope criteria can be added.
INVALID_MATCHING_FUNCTION Matching function is invalid.
LOCATION_FILTER_NOT_ALLOWED Filter parameters not allowed for location groups targeting.
LOCATION_FILTER_INVALID Given location filter parameter is invalid for location groups targeting.
CANNOT_ATTACH_CRITERIA_AT_CAMPAIGN_AND_ADGROUP Criteria type cannot be associated with a campaign and its ad group(s) simultaneously.