enum AdGroupAdError.Reason (v201809)

The reasons for the target error.

Enumeration Description
AD_GROUP_AD_LABEL_DOES_NOT_EXIST No link found between the adgroup ad and the label.
AD_GROUP_AD_LABEL_ALREADY_EXISTS The label has already been attached to the adgroup ad.
AD_NOT_UNDER_ADGROUP The specified ad was not found in the adgroup
CANNOT_OPERATE_ON_REMOVED_ADGROUPAD Removed ads may not be modified
CANNOT_CREATE_DEPRECATED_ADS An ad of this type is deprecated and cannot be created. Only deletions are permitted.
CANNOT_CREATE_TEXT_ADS Text ads are deprecated and cannot be created. Use expanded text ads instead.
EMPTY_FIELD A required field was not specified or is an empty string.
ENTITY_REFERENCED_IN_MULTIPLE_OPS An ad may only be modified once per call
UNSUPPORTED_OPERATION The specified operation is not supported. Only ADD, SET, and REMOVE are supported