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Upgrading to the newest version

Periodically, you will upgrade from an older major version of Google Ads API to a newer major version. It could be because a version is sunsetting, or it could be because you want to use a new feature. We recommend that you upgrade to the newest version when going through the migration process.

Check out our deprecation schedule to plan your upgrades. See our versioning guide to learn how versioning works.

Here's a checklist to help you get started with the process of upgrading:

  1. Your endpoint will change when you change major versions. Update your client libraries to use the newest endpoint.
  2. Go through the release notes to see changes that were introduced in each release.
  3. Check out the tables below for specific areas to focus on for the version you're upgrading to.

Migrating from v7 to v8

Changes to Services and their Components
CallOnlyAdInfo The CallOnlyAdInfo has been replaced with CallAdInfo.

LeadFormFieldUserInputType.GIVEN_NAME has been replaced with LeadFormFieldUserInputType.FIRST_NAME.

LeadFormFieldUserInputType.FAMILY_NAME has been replaced with LeadFormFieldUserInputType.LAST_NAME.

ConversionUploadService The following additional requirements were added for both click and call conversion uploads:
UploadCallConversions A call conversion upload where the conversion source did not comply with the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) policy or the person who converted didn't consent to tracking will fail with a ConversionUploadError of CONVERSION_NOT_COMPLIANT_WITH_ATT_POLICY instead of UNKNOWN.

Migrating from v6 to v7

The breaking changes in v7 are limited to updates to error messages in various circumstances, when we have published a more specific error reason in the new version. Make sure that your error-handling code is robust enough to handle unexpected error types.

The main areas where new error types apply are:

  • The new ResourceLimitType, which will provide specific details about which resource limits you're exceeding (such as too many campaigns per account).
  • More specific error message when trying to upload an image asset with invalid dimensions. See MediaUploadError.DIMENSIONS_NOT_ALLOWED
  • More specific error message when trying to upload assets that are found to be duplicates. See AssetError.DUPLICATE_ASSETS_WITH_DIFFERENT_FIELD_VALUE.
  • Internal errors when making ListOperationRequest operations to fetch long running operations now return a valid error.