Structured Data - v3.1 - YouTube Ad

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Ad IdRequired only when editing existing AdsintegerNoNumeric ID value of the ad group ad. If left blank a new Ad will be created and a unique ID will be assigned.
Ad Group IdYesintegerNoNumeric ID value of the parent ad group. You can specify a custom identifier (for example, "ext[custom ad group ID]") for an Ad Group that you are creating at the same time as this Ad.
NameYesstringYesThe name of the entry.
StatusYesstringYesThe status setting for the entry.
  • Active
  • Paused
  • Deleted
Video IdYesstringYesThe YouTube video ID
In-stream Display URLYes for In-streamstringYesThe ad display URL
In-stream Landing Page URLYes for In-streamstringYesThe ad landing page URL
In-stream Click Tracker URLNostringYesThe ad click tracker URL
In-stream Custom ParametersNostring, list of listsYesThe click tracker URL custom parameters. Format = (name1; value1;); (name2; value2;); etc.
Video Discovery Video ThumbnailYes for Video DiscoverystringYesThe video thumbnail to use for video discovery ads
  • 0
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
Video Discovery HeadlineYes for Video DiscoverystringYesThe discovery ad headline text
Video Discovery Description 1Yes for Video DiscoverystringYesThe discovery ad description 1 text
Video Discovery Description 2Yes for Video DiscoverystringYesThe discovery ad description 2 text
Video Discovery Landing PageYes for Video DiscoverystringYesThe discovery ad landing page
Mobile App IdYes for Mobile App Install subtypestringYesThe mobile app used for mobile app install ads. or 422689480