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Settings that control the targeting expansion of the line item. Targeting expansion allows the line item to reach a larger audience based on the original audience list and the targeting expansion level.

Beginning March 25, 2023, these settings may represent the optimized targeting feature in place of targeting expansion. This feature will be rolled out to all partners by mid-April 2023.

JSON representation
  "targetingExpansionLevel": enum (TargetingExpansionLevel),
  "excludeFirstPartyAudience": boolean

enum (TargetingExpansionLevel)

Required. Magnitude of expansion for applicable targeting under this line item.

Beginning March 25, 2023, the behavior of this field may change in the following ways with the replacement of targeting expansion with optimized targeting:

  • This field will represent the optimized targeting checkbox, with a NO_EXPANSION value representing optimized targeting turned off and a LEAST_EXPANSION value representing optimized targeting turned on.
  • NO_EXPANSION will be the default value for the field and will be automatically assigned if you do not set the field.
  • If you set the field to any value other than NO_EXPANSION, it will automatically be set to LEAST_EXPANSION.

This behavior will be rolled out to all partners by mid-April 2023.



Required. Whether to exclude first-party audiences from use in targeting expansion or optimized targeting.

Similar audiences of the excluded first-party lists will not be excluded. Only applicable when a first-party audience is positively targeted (directly or included in a combined audience), otherwise this selection will be ignored.

Beginning March 25, 2023, this field may be deprecated with the replacement of targeting expansion with optimized targeting. Upon deprecation, this field will be set to false. If this field is set to true when deprecated, all positive first-party audience targeting assigned to this line item will be replaced with negative targeting of the same first-party audiences to ensure the continued exclusion of those audiences.

This field will be deprecated for all partners by mid-April 2023.


Qualitative description of expansion level.

TARGETING_EXPANSION_LEVEL_UNSPECIFIED Targeting expansion level is not specified or is unknown in this version.
NO_EXPANSION Targeting expansion off.
LEAST_EXPANSION Conservative targeting expansion, lowest reach.
SOME_EXPANSION Moderately conservative targeting expansion, lower reach.
BALANCED_EXPANSION Moderate targeting expansion, medium reach.
MORE_EXPANSION Moderately aggressive targeting expansion, higher reach.
MOST_EXPANSION Aggressive targeting expansion, highest reach.