The optimized targeting launch has been postponed. Line items will continue to use the targeting expansion feature and the targetingExpansion field of the LineItem resource will continue to behave as it has previously.


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Possible digital content label rating tiers.

CONTENT_RATING_TIER_UNSPECIFIED Content label is not specified in this version. This enum is a place holder for a default value and does not represent a real content rating.
CONTENT_RATING_TIER_UNRATED Content that has not been labeled.
CONTENT_RATING_TIER_GENERAL Content suitable for general audiences.
CONTENT_RATING_TIER_PARENTAL_GUIDANCE Content suitable for most audiences with parental guidance.
CONTENT_RATING_TIER_TEENS Content suitable for teen and older audiences.
CONTENT_RATING_TIER_MATURE Content suitable only for mature audiences.
CONTENT_RATING_TIER_FAMILIES Content suitable for family audiences. It is a subset of CONTENT_RATING_TIER_GENERAL. Only applicable to YouTube and Partners line items.