ValueTrack Parameters for Upgraded URLs

The following ValueTrack parameters can be used with Upgraded URLs:

  • {ignore}: This parameter can be inserted in a final URL to indicate that the subsequent part of the URL does not alter content. You can use this parameter to reduce the amount of crawl activity on the URL.

    For example, if you have a final URL like:{ignore}?promocode=NYC123&udv={device}

    This tells Google that the content of the page is determined only by and the page need not be re-crawled for any changes in promocode, or different instantiations of {device}.

  • {lpurl}, {lpurl+2}, {lpurl+3}: These parameters are initialized with the final page URL, escaped as per standard URL specifications. For example, {lpurl+2} means the final URL will be escaped twice. If you need the unescaped URL, you can use {unescapedurl} instead. This is supported only in tracking URLs.

For more details on these parameters, see