public interface DataItem implements Freezable<DataItem>

The base object of data stored in the Android Wear network. DataItem are replicated across all devices in the network. It contains a small blob of data and associated assets.

A DataItem is identified by its Uri, which contains its creator and a path.

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Public Method Summary

abstract Map<StringDataItemAsset>
abstract byte[]
abstract Uri
abstract DataItem
setData(byte[] data)

Public Methods

public abstract Map<StringDataItemAsset> getAssets ()

A map of assets associated with this data item. DataMapItem may be used to store structured data in the network, including assets.

public abstract byte[] getData ()

An array of data stored at the specified Uri. DataMapItem may be used to store structured data in the network.

public abstract Uri getUri ()

Returns the DataItem's Uri. getHost() returns the id of the node that created it.

public abstract DataItem setData (byte[] data)

Sets the data in a data item.

The current maximum data item size limit is approximtely 100k. Data items should generally be much smaller than this limit.