Contains data classes for leaderboards.


Leaderboard Data interface for leaderboard metadata. 
Leaderboards Entry point for leaderboard functionality. 
Leaderboards.LeaderboardMetadataResult Result delivered when leaderboard metadata has been loaded. 
Leaderboards.LoadPlayerScoreResult Result delivered when a player's leaderboard score has been loaded. 
Leaderboards.LoadScoresResult Result delivered when leaderboard scores have been loaded. 
Leaderboards.SubmitScoreResult Result delivered when a leaderboard score has been submitted. 
LeaderboardScore Data interface representing a single score on a leaderboard. 
LeaderboardVariant Data interface for a specific variant of a leaderboard; a variant is defined by the combination of the leaderboard's collection (public or social) and time span (daily, weekly, or all-time). 


LeaderboardBuffer EntityBuffer containing Leaderboard data. 
LeaderboardScoreBuffer AbstractDataBuffer containing LeaderboardScore data. 
ScoreSubmissionData Data object representing the result of submitting a score to a leaderboard. 
ScoreSubmissionData.Result Simple data class containing the result data for a particular time span.