Contains the Google Maps Android API model classes.


TileProvider An interface for a class that provides the tile images for a TileOverlay


BitmapDescriptor Defines an image. 
BitmapDescriptorFactory Used to create a definition of an image, used for marker icons and ground overlays. 
CameraPosition An immutable class that aggregates all camera position parameters. 
CameraPosition.Builder Builds camera position. 
Circle A circle on the earth's surface (spherical cap). 
CircleOptions Defines options for a Circle
GroundOverlay A ground overlay is an image that is fixed to a map. 
GroundOverlayOptions Defines options for a ground overlay. 
IndoorBuilding Represents a building. 
IndoorLevel Represents a level in a building. 
LatLng An immutable class representing a pair of latitude and longitude coordinates, stored as degrees. 
LatLngBounds An immutable class representing a latitude/longitude aligned rectangle. 
LatLngBounds.Builder This is a builder that is able to create a minimum bound based on a set of LatLng points. 
Marker An icon placed at a particular point on the map's surface. 
MarkerOptions Defines MarkerOptions for a marker. 
Polygon A polygon on the earth's surface. 
PolygonOptions Defines options for a polygon. 
Polyline A polyline is a list of points, where line segments are drawn between consecutive points. 
PolylineOptions Defines options for a polyline. 
StreetViewPanoramaCamera An immutable class that aggregates all camera position parameters. 
StreetViewPanoramaCamera.Builder Builds panorama cameras. 
StreetViewPanoramaLink An immutable class that represents a link to another Street View panorama. 
StreetViewPanoramaLocation An immutable class that contains details of the user's current Street View panorama  
StreetViewPanoramaOrientation An immutable class that aggregates all user point of view parameters. 
StreetViewPanoramaOrientation.Builder Builds Street View panorama orientations. 
Tile Contains information about a Tile that is returned by a TileProvider
TileOverlay A Tile Overlay is a set of images which are displayed on top of the base map tiles. 
TileOverlayOptions Defines options for a TileOverlay. 
UrlTileProvider A partial implementation of TileProvider that only requires a URL that points to an image to be provided. 
VisibleRegion Contains the four points defining the four-sided polygon that is visible in a map's camera. 


RuntimeRemoteException A RuntimeException wrapper for RemoteException.