public interface ExceptionParser
Known Indirect Subclasses

This interface is responsible for parsing a Throwable and providing a short, meaningful description to report to Google Analytics. This class can be used in conjugation with the ExceptionReporter.

 UncaughtExceptionHandler myHandler = new ExceptionReporter(
   myTracker,                                     // Currently used Tracker.
   GAServiceManager.getInstance(),                // GAServiceManager singleton.
   Thread.getDefaultUncaughtExceptionHandler(),   // Current default uncaught exception handler.
   context);                                      // Context of the application.

 myHandler.setExceptionParser(new MyExceptionParser());
 // Where MyExceptionParser provides a custom description for various exceptions.

Public Method Summary

abstract String

Public Methods

public abstract String getDescription (String threadName, Throwable t)

Return a short description of a Throwable suitable for reporting to Google Analytics.

threadName the name of the Thread that got the exception, or null
t the Throwable
  • the description