public static final class StreetViewPanoramaCamera.Builder extends Object

Builds panorama cameras.


public float bearing

public float tilt

public float zoom

Public Constructors

public StreetViewPanoramaCamera.Builder ()

Creates an empty builder.

public StreetViewPanoramaCamera.Builder (StreetViewPanoramaCamera previous)

Public Methods

public StreetViewPanoramaCamera.Builder bearing (float bearing)

Sets the direction that the camera is pointing in, in degrees clockwise from north.

public StreetViewPanoramaCamera.Builder orientation (StreetViewPanoramaOrientation orientation)

Sets the camera tilt and bearing based upon the given orientation's tilt and bearing

public StreetViewPanoramaCamera.Builder tilt (float tilt)

Sets the angle, in degrees, of the camera from the horizon of the panorama. This value is restricted to being between -90 (directly down) and 90 (directly up).

public StreetViewPanoramaCamera.Builder zoom (float zoom)

Sets the zoom level of the camera. The original zoom level is set at 0. A zoom of 1 would double the magnification. The zoom is clamped between 0 and the maximum zoom level. The maximum zoom level can vary based upon the panorama. Clamped means that any value falling outside this range will be set to the closest extreme that falls within the range. For example, a value of -1 will be set to 0. Another example: If the maximum zoom for the panorama is 19, and the value is given as 20, it will be set to 19. Note that the camera zoom need not be an integer value.