Container.FunctionCallMacroCallback Callback that is provided by the application to calculate the value of a custom macro. 
Container.FunctionCallTagCallback Callback that is provided by the application to execute a custom tag. 
ContainerHolder Holder for an active container. 
ContainerHolder.ContainerAvailableListener Listener object that is called when a new container is available. 


Container An object that provides access to container values. 
DataLayer The data layer is a map holding generic information about the application. 
InstallReferrerReceiver The Google Play com.android.vending.INSTALL_REFERRER Intent is broadcast when an app is installed from the Google Play Store. 
InstallReferrerService IntentService for handling the Google Play Store's INSTALL_REFERRER intent. 
PreviewActivity An Activity to preview the app with previewed container version. 
TagManager This is the mobile implementation of Google Tag Manager (GTM).