Container.FunctionCallMacroCallback Callback that is provided by the application to calculate the value of a custom macro. 
Container.FunctionCallTagCallback Callback that is provided by the application to execute a custom tag. 
ContainerHolder Holder for an active container. 
ContainerHolder.ContainerAvailableListener Listener object that is called when a new container is available. 


Container An object that provides access to container values. 
DataLayer The data layer is a map holding generic information about the application. 
InstallReferrerReceiver The Google Play Intent is broadcast when an app is installed from the Google Play Store. 
InstallReferrerService IntentService for handling the Google Play Store's INSTALL_REFERRER intent. 
PreviewActivity An Activity to preview the app with previewed container version. 
TagManager This is the mobile implementation of Google Tag Manager (GTM).