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LoyaltyPointsBalance.Type Type of the loyalty points balance. 
WalletObjects Entry point for Wallet objects functionality. 
WalletObjectsConstants Collection of constant values used by wallet objects. 
WalletObjectsConstants.State The state of the Wallet Object. 


LabelValue Parcelable representing label value. 
LabelValueRow Parcelable representing label value row data. 
LabelValueRow.Builder Builder to create an LabelValueRow
LoyaltyPoints Parcelable representing the loyalty reward points label, balance, and type. 
LoyaltyPoints.Builder Builder to create a LoyaltyPoints
LoyaltyPointsBalance Parcelable representing loyalty points balance. 
LoyaltyPointsBalance.Builder Builder to create a LoyaltyPointsBalance
TextModuleData Parcelable representing data for text module associated with wallet object. 
TimeInterval Parcelable representing a time interval. 
UriData Parcelable representing an uri. 
WalletObjectMessage Parcelable representing a message associated with the wallet object. 
WalletObjectMessage.Builder Builder to create a WalletObjectMessage