Contains the Wallet Client for Google Play services.


LineItem.Role Role of a line item. 
NotifyTransactionStatusRequest.Status Status received from processing a ProxyCard
NotifyTransactionStatusRequest.Status.Error Failure statuses received from processing a ProxyCard
Payments Entry point for interacting with Wallet buyflow APIs. 


Address Parcelable representing an address. 
Cart Parcelable representing a shopping cart. 
Cart.Builder Builder to create a Cart
CountrySpecification Parcelable representing a country. 
EnableWalletOptimizationReceiver A dummy BroadcastReceiver used with an IntentFilter specifying action ACTION_ENABLE_WALLET_OPTIMIZATION to signal that your application uses Wallet. 
FullWallet Parcelable representing a full wallet response. 
FullWalletRequest Parcelable representing a full wallet request. 
FullWalletRequest.Builder Builder to create a FullWalletRequest
GiftCardWalletObject Parcelable representing a gift card wallet object. 
InstrumentInfo Parcelable representing more detailed information about a payment instrument. 
LineItem Parcelable representing a line item in a shopping cart. 
LineItem.Builder Builder to create a LineItem
LoyaltyWalletObject Parcelable representing a loyalty wallet object. 
MaskedWallet Parcelable representing a masked wallet response. 
MaskedWallet.Builder Builder to create a MaskedWallet
MaskedWalletRequest Parcelable representing a masked wallet request. 
MaskedWalletRequest.Builder Builder to create a MaskedWalletRequest
NotifyTransactionStatusRequest Parcelable representing a notify transaction status request. 
NotifyTransactionStatusRequest.Builder Builder to create a NotifyTransactionStatusRequest
OfferWalletObject Parcelable representing an offer wallet object. 
PaymentInstrumentType Payment instrument types that a merchant can support. 
PaymentMethodToken Parcelable representing payment method token. 
PaymentMethodTokenizationParameters Tokenization parameters passed by the integrator used to tokenize the credit card selected by the user. 
PaymentMethodTokenizationParameters.Builder Builder to create a PaymentMethodTokenizationParameters
PaymentMethodTokenizationType Payment method tokenization types. 
ProxyCard Parcelable representing a credit card. 
Wallet The main entry point for Google Wallet integration. 
Wallet.WalletOptions Options for using the Wallet API. 
WalletConstants Collection of constant values used by the ClientLibrary.