public final class IndoorLevel extends Object

Represents a level in a building.

IndoorLevel objects are only equal by id. It is possible that may have different contents.

While a level is usually enclosed by a single building, a level might be enclosed by several buildings (e.g., a carpark level might span multiple buildings).

Public Method Summary

equals(Object other)

Public Methods

public void activate ()

Sets this level as the visible level in its building. If a level is enclosed in several buildings, then all those buildings will have this level set as active.

public boolean equals (Object other)

public String getName ()

Localized display name for the level, e.g. "Ground floor". Returns an empty string if no name is defined.

public String getShortName ()

Localized short display name for the level, e.g. "1". Returns an empty string if no shortName is defined.

public int hashCode ()