public final class IndoorBuilding extends Object

Represents a building.

Two IndoorBuildings are .equal() if the physical building they represent is the same. However, if a building's structural model changes, e.g., due to an update to Google's building models, then an old IndoorBuilding object and a new IndoorBuilding object will be .equal(), but might have different contents.

Public Method Summary

equals(Object other)

Public Methods

public boolean equals (Object other)

public int getActiveLevelIndex ()

Gets the index in the list returned by getLevels() of the level that is currently active in this building (default if no active level was previously set).

public int getDefaultLevelIndex ()

Gets the index in the list returned by getLevels() of the default level for this building.

public List<IndoorLevel> getLevels ()

Gets the levels in the building. While a level is usually enclosed by a single building, a level might be enclosed by several buildings (e.g., a carpark level might span multiple buildings). The levels are in 'display order' from top to bottom.

public int hashCode ()

public boolean isUnderground ()

Returns true if the building is entirely underground.