DriveApi The main entry point for interacting with Drive. 
DriveApi.DriveContentsResult Result that contains a DriveContents
DriveApi.DriveIdResult Result that contains a DriveId
DriveApi.MetadataBufferResult Result that contains a MetadataBuffer
DriveContents A reference to a Drive file's contents. 
DriveFile A file in Drive. 
DriveFile.DownloadProgressListener A listener for progress events on an active contents download. 
DriveFolder A folder in Drive. 
DriveFolder.DriveFileResult A result that contains a DriveFile
DriveFolder.DriveFolderResult A result that contains a DriveFolder
DrivePreferencesApi The entry point for retrieving and updating Drive preferences. 
DrivePreferencesApi.FileUploadPreferencesResult Result that contains a FileUploadPreferences reference. 
DriveResource A Resource represents a file or folder in Drive. 
DriveResource.MetadataResult Result that is returned in response to metadata requests. 
FileUploadPreferences Represents the file upload preferences associated with the current account. 


CreateFileActivityBuilder A builder that is used to configure and display the create file activity. 
Drive The Drive API provides easy access to users' Google Drive contents. 
DriveId A canonical identifier for a Drive resource. 
DriveStatusCodes Drive specific status codes, for use in getStatusCode()
ExecutionOptions Options that can be included with certain requests to the API to configure notification and conflict resolution behavior. 
ExecutionOptions.Builder A builder for creating a new ExecutionOptions
Metadata The details of a Drive file or folder. 
MetadataBuffer A data buffer that points to Metadata entries. 
MetadataChangeSet A collection of metadata changes. 
MetadataChangeSet.Builder A builder for creating a new MetadataChangeSet. 
OpenFileActivityBuilder A builder that is used to configure and display the open file activity.