Api.ApiOptions Base interface for API options. 
Api.ApiOptions.HasOptions Base interface for Api.ApiOptions in Apis that have options. 
Api.ApiOptions.NotRequiredOptions Base interface for Api.ApiOptions that are not required, don't exist. 
Api.ApiOptions.Optional Base interface for Api.ApiOptions that are optional. 
GoogleApiClient.ConnectionCallbacks Provides callbacks that are called when the client is connected or disconnected from the service. 
GoogleApiClient.OnConnectionFailedListener Provides callbacks for scenarios that result in a failed attempt to connect the client to the service. 
Releasable Represents a resource, or a holder of resources, which may be released once they are no longer needed. 
Result Represents the final result of invoking an API method in Google Play Services. 
ResultCallback<R extends Result> An interface for receiving a Result from a PendingResult as an asynchronous callback. 


Api<O extends Api.ApiOptions> Describes a section of the Google Play Services API that should be made available. 
Api.ApiOptions.NoOptions Api.ApiOptions implementation for Apis that do not take any options. 
Batch Handles a batch of PendingResult items. 
Batch.Builder Builder for Batch objects. 
BatchResult The result of a batch operation. 
BatchResultToken<R extends Result> Result token used to retrieve the result of individual operations from a batch. 
BooleanResult A Result with a boolean value. 
CommonStatusCodes Common status codes that are often shared across API surfaces. 
GoogleApiClient The main entry point for Google Play services integration. 
GoogleApiClient.Builder Builder to configure a GoogleApiClient
OptionalPendingResult<R extends Result> OptionalPendingResults are PendingResults with additional support for non-blocking accessors. 
PendingResult<R extends Result> Represents a pending result from calling an API method in Google Play services. 
PendingResults Provides factory methods for PendingResult instances, primarily for use in tests. 
ResolvingResultCallbacks<R extends Result> ResultCallbacks which automatically start resolutions for failures. 
ResultCallbacks<R extends Result> Callbacks for receiving a Result from a PendingResult as an asynchronous callback. 
ResultTransform<R extends Result, S extends Result> Transforms a Result by making a subsequent API call. 
Scope Describes an OAuth 2.0 scope to request. 
Status Represents the results of work. 
TransformedResult<R extends Result> Represents a pending result that has been transformed by one or more subsequent API calls.