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Continuation<TResult, TContinuationResult> A function that is called to continue execution after completion of a Task
OnCanceledListener Listener called when a Task is canceled. 
OnCompleteListener<TResult> Listener called when a Task completes. 
OnFailureListener Listener called when a Task fails with an exception. 
OnSuccessListener<TResult> Listener called when a Task completes successfully. 
OnTokenCanceledListener Listener called when a CancellationToken is canceled successfully. 
SuccessContinuation<TResult, TContinuationResult> A function that is called to continue execution then a Task succeeds. 


CancellationToken Propagates notification that operations should be canceled. 
CancellationTokenSource Creates a new CancellationToken or cancels one that has already created. 
Task<TResult> Represents an asynchronous operation. 
TaskCompletionSource<TResult> Provides the ability to create Task-based APIs. 
TaskExecutors Standard Executor instances for use with Task
Tasks Task utility methods. 


DuplicateTaskCompletionException An exception indicating that something attempted to set a result, exception, or cancellation on a Task that was already completed. 
RuntimeExecutionException Runtime version of ExecutionException