AdWords API

Deprecation Schedule

The sunset for a given version of the AdWords API generally occurs four months after the release of the next major version. After sunset, the version will no longer be available.

To aid smooth migration between versions, all versions listed below will remain available until the sunset date shown. The official client libraries also support all available versions of all services. You can specify the version individually for each service to update the software gradually.

After a sunset date has been announced for an API version, the version is considered deprecated. While such versions remain available for use until sunset date we encourage you to use the deprecation period to migrate to the newest version. The current sunset schedule is below, with links to the relevant announcement blog posts.

API version Deprecation date Sunset date Migration guide

v201406 8 October 2014 6 April 2015 Migrate to v201409

Features and Requirements

This table lists the features and requirements sunset schedule, as well as potentially breaking changes.

Feature / Requirement Sunset date Notes
Destination URLs 1 July 2015 Destination URLs will become readonly on July 1, 2015. Use final URLs instead. See the Upgraded URLs guide for more information.