AdWords API

Rate Sheet

On March 1, 2013, AdWords API units and associated costs were retired. There are no longer usage charges for AdWords API usage. Access to the API is provided at two levels: basic and standard.

AdWords API access levels

Basic access
This is the default access level for all approved developer tokens. Basic access allows developers to execute up to 10,000 operations per day.
Standard access
This access level provides unlimited daily operations to qualified developers.  Developers can request this access level by completing the standard access application.

There is no charge for either access level.

API Operations

A get that generates 10 results objects is counted as one operation. For a mutate, each mutated item counts as one operation. In a bulk mutate job, each operation is counted separately.

AdHoc report downloads or any requests by test accounts do not count towards the daily operations limit. The following table gives some examples of the accounting:

API request Operations counted towards Daily Limit
Operation: get
Count: 53 ad groups
Service: AdgroupAdService
Operation: mutate (ADD)
Count: 2 ad groups
Service: AdgroupAdService
Operation: get
Count: 100 targeting ideas
Service: TargetingIdeaService
Operation: HTTP POST
Count: 1 report
Service: AdHoc reports download
Operation: mutate (ADD)
Count: 10 campaigns
Service: MutateJobService

Non-compliance fees

All developers using the API must comply with the AdWords API terms and conditions, including the required minimum functionality, where applicable.

If not in compliance, you'll be alerted and given a period of time to make the appropriate corrections. If corrections haven't been made by the end of the initial notice period, you may be given up to a 3-month extension.

During the extension period, you'll be charged a monthly non-compliance fee of $10 for every 10,000 operations made during the month prior to your initial non-compliance notice. Continued non-compliance after the 3-month extension will result in API access being revoked.

Note: Non-compliance charges will be based on API usage in the month prior to the notice and not on API usage while the issues are being addressed during the 3-month extension.


You had executed 1 million operations in April. We found that your application was not in compliance with the AdWords API terms and conditions. You received a 30-day notice on May 1 to bring your application into compliance. If the required changes were not made by May 31, you will be charged a flat non-compliance fee of $1,000/month (1,000,000/10,000 x $10) for a maximum of 3 months (June, July, and August) or until your application satisfies compliance requirements—whichever comes first.

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