The AdWords API is no longer supported. Use the Google Ads API instead.

Implementation Checklist for Parallel Tracking Setup

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We've put together an implementation checklist to assist you in migrating to parallel tracking.

HTTPS support: Tracking server is configured to support the HTTPS protocol.
[Recommended] HTTPS entry in Google Ads: The tracking template URL in Google Ads begins with https://. To help with the migration, Google Ads will always rewrite the first tracking call to HTTPS if it's not entered as such.
Server-side redirects: Tracking redirects use server-side redirection (as opposed to on-page redirection like javascript).
[Optional] API integration for opt-in: Customers can opt into parallel tracking through your platform using AdWords API.
[Optional] API integration for final URL suffix field: Customers can set the final URL suffix field in your platform using AdWords API.
[If applicable] Landing page parameters: Variables that were being sent to the landing page during click redirect have been entered in Google Ads in the final URL or final URL suffix field (recommended) or in the tracking template field (not preferred).
[Optional] Click identifier (gclid) tracking: Auto-tagging is enabled in the Google Ads account settings or through the API to append Google's unique click identifier ("gclid") to both the landing page and tracker URL and make associated changes to tracking and reporting. Replace the value of your click identifier param with Google's click identifier (gclid) by using the {gclid} ValueTrack parameter and make associated changes to tracking and reporting.
Parallel tracking indicator: Your tracker passes on the parallel tracking indicator "gb=1" when redirecting to subsequent trackers.
[Best practice] Test tracking setup: Confirmed that all URLs are being properly rendered using the Test functionally in the Google Ads UI.
[Best practice] End-to-end testing: Completed end-to-end testing by turning on parallel tracking for one or more of your smaller production accounts before migrating advertiser accounts.

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