Migration Guide (v201710)

See Deprecation Schedule for deprecation and sunset dates.

This page covers incremental changes introduced in v201710 that may remove or change functionality provided in previous versions. If you're moving multiple versions at once, make sure to consult each migration guide in sequence for a complete picture of API changes.

Changes to services and their components
OfflineConversionFeedService mutate
A limit of 2000 operations per request is now enforced. If a request exceeds this limit, a REQUEST_SIZE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED error will be returned.
CampaignCriterionService ContentLabelType
The following content label types can no longer be added. They can still be removed from existing campaigns.

Negative criteria:

  • AFE
Positive criteria:
If you attempt to ADD new negative criteria for any of the above content label types, you will get a CANNOT_EXCLUDE_CRITERION error. If you attempt to ADD a new positive criteria, you will get a CANNOT_TARGET_CRITERION error.

See this article for more details.

CampaignService AdServingOptimizationStatus
Ad rotation mode can no longer be set at the campaign level. You can set the mode via the new adGroupAdRotationMode field at the ad group level instead. If you try to set the AdServingOptimizationStatus at the campaign level, you will get a CANNOT_SET_AD_ROTATION_MODE error.
The policyTopicEvidences field now contains an evidenceTextList instead of an evidenceText field. This allows the API to return multiple pieces of evidence rather than just the first one.
ConversionTrackerService AdWordsConversionTracker
Google Sites Stats notification fields of AdWordsConversionTracker are no longer accessible via the API. This includes the fields textFormat, conversionPageLanguage, and backgroundColor.
Reporting Various reports
The EnhancedCpvEnabled field is removed from all reports. This field was used for experiments that are no longer active.

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