Migration Guide (v201708)

See Deprecation Schedule for deprecation and sunset dates.

This page covers incremental changes introduced in v201708 that may remove or change functionality provided in previous versions. If you're moving multiple versions at once, make sure to consult each migration guide in sequence for a complete picture of API changes.

Changes to services and their components

When setting or changing the billing account for a client account via BudgetOrderService, the primaryBillingId field is now required. If such a request does not specify this value, it will fail with a BudgetOrderError with reason INVALID_BILLING_ACCOUNT.


You can no longer disable DSAs at the campaign level by removing the DynamicSearchAdsSetting or setting its domain name to "-". To disable DSAs, set the containing AdGroup.status to PAUSED via the AdGroupService.


This method now returns bid landscape data for all platform criterion types including Desktop (criterion ID 30000), HighEndMobile (30001) and Tablet (30002).


Requests that attempt to create a shared set of NEGATIVE_KEYWORDS type in a manager account will now fail with a SharedSetError of MANAGER_CUSTOMER_CANNOT_CREATE_SHARED_SET_OF_THIS_TYPE. This change does not impact client  (non-manager) accounts.

Various reports

The TABLE_EXTENSION enum value and its display value Table Extension of the ClickType field have changed to PRICE_EXTENSION and Price Extension, respectively.


The AdType field can now return EXPANDED_DYNAMIC_SEARCH_AD for expanded dynamic search ads. Previously, they were returned as UNKNOWN.

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