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Entity Relationships

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This page presents relationship diagrams of Google Ads entities, with clickable images that take you to the most appropriate documentation.

Notation legend

  1. Entity: links to the most relevant guide.
  2. Cardinality: Allowable number of instances. For example, 1..* means that one or more are allowed. However, this does not imply that there are no limits.
  3. Object/Class: links to the latest reference page.
  4. A solid-line box denotes mandatory groupings. For example, Campaign Groups belong to Account.
  5. A dotted-line box denotes optional groupings. For example, a Campaign can belong to a Campaign Group or just exists under an account without any associated Campaign Group.
  6. A solid line between two boxes establishes a relationship. Cardinality for the relationship is noted beneath the line. For example, zero to many Ad extensions can be associated with an Account.
  7. Composition: Denoted by a solid rhombus, represents a relationship where an entity is composed of some other entities. For example, ExtensionSetting is composed of ExtensionFeedItem objects.
  8. Inheritance: Denoted by a hollow triangle, represents an "IS-A" relationship where an entity is a sub-type of another. For example, AppFeedItem is a type of ExtensionFeedItem.

Entity diagrams

Top Level

Managing Accounts Customer ManagedCustomer Campaigns Overview Campaign Campaign Budgets Budget Bidding BiddingStrategyConfiguration BiddingScheme Negative Keywords, Placements, and Shared Sets CampaignCriterion NegativeCampaignCriterion Objects, Methods, and Services AdGroup Ads Overview AdGroupAd Targeting Types BiddableAdGroupCriterion NegativeAdGroupCriterion Bidding BiddingStrategyConfiguration Bids Campaign Groups CampaignGroup Campaigns Overview Campaign Labels Label Extension Setting Services ExtensionSetting


Campaigns Overview CampaignLabel Objects, Methods, and Services AdGroupLabel Ads Overview AdGroupAdLabel Targeting Types AdGroupCriterionLabel labelId Labels Label TextLabel

Ad extensions

Managing Accounts CustomerExtensionSetting Campaigns Overview CampaignExtensionSetting Objects, Methods, and Services AdGroupExtensionSetting Extension Setting Services ExtensionSetting ExtensionFeedItem AppFeedItem CallFeedItem CalloutFeedItem MessageFeedItem PriceFeedItem PromotionFeedItem ReviewFeedItem SitelinkFeedItem StructuredSnippetFeedItem

Bidding strategy configuration and bidding

Bidding BiddingStrategyConfiguration BiddingScheme Bidding BiddingStrategyConfiguration Bids EnhancedCpcBiddingScheme ManualCpcBiddingScheme ManualCpmBiddingScheme MaximizeConversionsBiddingScheme PageOnePromotedBiddingScheme TargetCpaBiddingScheme TargetOutrankShareBiddingScheme TargetRoasBiddingScheme TargetSpendBiddingScheme CpaBid CpcBid CpmBid


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