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Contains data classes for leaderboards.


LeaderboardVariant.Collection A leaderboard collection. 
LeaderboardVariant.TimeSpan A leaderboard time span. 


Leaderboard Data interface for leaderboard metadata. 
Leaderboards This interface is deprecated. Use LeaderboardsClient instead  
Leaderboards.LeaderboardMetadataResult This interface is deprecated. LeaderboardBuffer is returned directly in the LeaderboardsClient.  
Leaderboards.LoadPlayerScoreResult This interface is deprecated. LeaderboardScore is returned directly in the LeaderboardsClient.  
Leaderboards.LoadScoresResult This interface is deprecated. LeaderboardsClient.LeaderboardScores is returned directly in the LeaderboardsClient.  
Leaderboards.SubmitScoreResult This interface is deprecated. ScoreSubmissionData is returned directly in the LeaderboardsClient.  
LeaderboardScore Data interface representing a single score on a leaderboard. 
LeaderboardVariant Data interface for a specific variant of a leaderboard; a variant is defined by the combination of the leaderboard's collection (public or friends) and time span (daily, weekly, or all-time). 


LeaderboardBuffer AbstractDataBuffer implementation containing Leaderboard data. 
LeaderboardScoreBuffer AbstractDataBuffer containing LeaderboardScore data. 
ScoreSubmissionData Data object representing the result of submitting a score to a leaderboard. 
ScoreSubmissionData.Result Simple data class containing the result data for a particular time span.