Publish AR apps in the Play Store

Before publishing on the Play Store, every AR app needs to decide whether they is AR Required or AR Optional.

  • AR Required means that your app is not usable without AR, and makes your app available only on devices that support ARCore.

  • AR Optional means that your app includes one or more AR features that are activated if the device supports ARCore. But the app can be installed and run on devices that don't support ARCore.

This classification (whether it is AR Require or AR Optional) affects the user's Play Store experience in the following ways:

  • AR Required apps are not shown on unsupported devices.

  • When a user installs or updates an AR Required app, ARCore is automatically installed or updated. The Play Store indicates that ARCore is required.

  • When a user installs or updates an AR Optional app, ARCore is not automatically installed or updated. AR Optional apps must implement two runtime checks:

Next steps

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