Performance considerations

ARCore's Motion tracking relies on both visual information from the camera and inertial measurements from the device's inertial measurement unit (IMU). We recommend following the following guidelines to help ensure that your app provides optimal conditions for ARCore to maintain tracking and detect features in the environment.

Provide the best possible user experience

With AR it's possible to create unique and delightful experiences for your users. However, users can become frustrated when they're either not sure about how to proceed or what they should be seeing in addition to the camera passthrough image.

You can provide the best possible user experience by ensuring that your app:

  • Provides clear feedback to users
  • Encourages them to move their device
  • Shows them how to interact with their device to experience AR

For a more complete list of design recommendations, review our Augmented Reality Design Guidelines.

These guidelines are informed by foundational research and offer insights and ideas that can help you design better AR experiences for your users.

Encourage users to move the camera slowly

ARCore requires visual information from the camera to build an environmental understanding. Rapid device movement can cause the camera image to become blurry, reducing ARCore's ability to track and detect features.

During brief periods of movement, ARCore relies on IMU data to estimate the device pose. When movement stops, visual tracking resumes.

Avoid extended periods of rapid movement, which can cause ARCore to lose tracking and prevent detection of features.

Make effective use of anchors

Review Working with Anchors to get a better understanding of how anchors work, how to use them effectively in your app, as well as other UX and design considerations.

Avoid using haptic feedback

Because device vibrations can temporarily interfere with ARCore's ability to accurately estimate the device's pose, avoid providing haptic feedback to the user—for example, by using the device's vibrator.