ARCore OEM device certification

OEM device manufacturers wishing to certify new devices may refer to the Google AR OEM Portal (only available to authorized OEMs) for a complete list of requirements.

Device model code constraints

Google Play Services for AR (ARCore) relies on built-in and over-the-air updated ARCore device profiles to provide device-specific configuration and calibration parameters that ensure reliable tracking performance across all ARCore supported devices.

Because these device profiles are loaded at runtime based on the model code (adb shell getprop ro.product.device), it is critically important at each device model / SKU utilizes a globally unique model code, specifically:

  1. The same model code must not be reused across similar, but not identical, devices models.
  2. ARCore supported devices must also not reuse model codes already in use by any other Android devices, including devices that are not ARCore supported.