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Getting started with Extensions for AR Foundation

The optional ARCore Extensions for AR Foundation package adds functionality to Unity’s AR Foundation package, enabling you to use features such as Cloud Anchors, Camera configuration filters, and Recording and Playback in your app.


To develop with ARCore Extensions for AR Foundation, you will need the following:



  • An ARCore supported Android device
  • A USB cable for connecting your device to your development machine





Install the ARCore Extensions package

Follow these steps to install ARCore Extensions for AR Foundation.

  1. Open a Unity project that has AR Foundation installed and configured.
  2. Navigate to Window > Package Manager.
  3. Click the button and choose the Add package from git URL... option from the drop-down menu.

  4. Use the URL in the text field and click Add.

You should now see “ARCore Extensions” installed.

Setup ARCore Extensions

To get started with ARCore Extensions, add the ARCore Extensions object to your scene:

  1. Right-click the Hierarchy pane and select XR > ARCore Extensions.

  2. In the Inspector pane, connect each of these fields with their corresponding objects by either dragging and dropping from the Hierarchy pane or clicking the target button in the Inspector. You can also edit these properties in the Inspector.

    • Session: Use your scene's AR Session.
    • Session Origin: Use your scene's AR Session Origin.
    • Camera Manager: Use your scene's AR Camera, which is a child object of AR Session Origin.
    • ARCore Extensions Config (optional): Create a new ARCore Extensions Config by selecting Assets > Create > ARCore Extensions > ARCore Extensions Config, and select your newly created object. To learn more, see the Cloud Anchors developer's guide (Android, iOS).
    • ARCore Camera Config Filter (optional): Create a new ARCore Camera Config Filter by selecting Assets > Create > ARCore Extensions > Camera Config Filter, and select your newly created object. To learn more, see the documentation on configuring the camera.

What's next

With ARCore Extensions for AR Foundation, you can now use Cloud Anchors and camera configurations in your apps.